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After the Date began as a creative outlet for Iris Devins. The film grew out of years of scriptwriting and development. During the summer of 2015, Iris began a search for the right person to bring Emma’s character to life, and she linked up with a casting director, Erica Palgon. Pooya Mohseni responded to the casting call, after coming out as a trans woman a few weeks earlier. Emma found life through Pooya’s performance, and Kwabena Ampofo provided the perfect chemistry for Nate’s character.

Iris spent several years scouting locations in Philadelphia to describe Emma’s life and journey. Paul Hinson soon joined the team as director of photography, and he worked closely with Iris to develop a visual strategy for the film. Lenore Romas came aboard as production designer, and she thoroughly researched wardrobe and set design. Emma’s world in Philadelphia soon felt real.

A few months later, a strong cast and crew came together for production, and the story of After the Date materialized. During Spring 2016, After the Date received the Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant to complete audio post-production. The film will begin screening in early 2017.